Website design

I specialise in designing websites for creative people and small businesses, including portfolio and e-commerce websites.

My view on web design is that it shouldn’t overpower or detract from what the website is actually all about. That’s why I work with people to create websites that are elegant but understated and let the content itself shine through.

Take a look at some of the websites I have designed ➝

How I work

Before I start work on your website, I will make sure I have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, for example, what your main objectives are and who your target audience is.

I will then come back with 3 – 4 draft design options and a suggested structure for the site and we will go from there.

Some of my clients worry that they are not ‘techie’ enough and if you feel this way too, don’t worry, I’ll be here to support you as you get used to working with your website and seeing what it can do for you.

Once your site is finished and you’re happy, there is no contract to bind you to me. However, several of my clients come back to me for e-newsletters, banners and further developments to the site.

The technology I use

I mainly use WordPress to create websites for many reasons – it’s free, it’s easy to use, millions of people use it and it’s growing in functionality all the time. And don’t worry, one WordPress website can look very very different to another so it doesn’t limit the style of your site.

If you are interested in discussing your project with me please email me at or call 07939 118838. I would be very happy to hear from you.